Transmission/Engine Rebuild

Transmission Rebuild

There is not a part under the hood of your car more complex than the transmission & engine.

The proper care and maintenance of your transmission requires an experienced technician in order to identify any problems and repair them correctly. eCars Automotive finds out what your transmission problems are and provides quick and precise solutions in order to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

It is time to have your transmission looked at if….

  • … transmission fluid is leaking
  • … your vehicle shakes or bucks at highway speed
  • … delayed drive or reverse
  • … check engine light is on
  • … you smell burning
  • … transmission is slipping
  • … trouble shifting
  • … vehicle will not move
  • … manual transmission grinds when shifting
  • … clutch is slipping

Engine Rebuild

At eCars Automotive, we know that the most important part of your vehicle is the engine. Without the engine, it does not matter how many repairs we do because the car is not going to run. Luckily, at eCars Automotive, we offer a complete engine rebuild and repair to get the engine performing as if it is brand new. Unlike most repair shops, we have our very own machine shop which allows us to fix engines right here in-house.

An engine rebuild is usually needed because the engine’s mechanical parts are old and worn out. When we do engine rebuilds at eCars Automotive, we completely remove the engine, dis-assemble, clean, inspect, test, and can even replace it if necessary. Additional procedures usually involve installing new piston rings, oil seals, belt, gears, gaskets, bearings, etc.

eCars Automotive is equipped with all the proper tools and skilled personnel to ensure that any  rebuild that is needed is done right. We service a wide selection of vehicle makes and models.
At the eCars Automotive location, we give you more than just a mechanic. Our facility provides high quality rebuilds and repairs at affordable prices.

The transmission & engine rebuild experts.